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Q. What is Opening & Closing date for Valley of Flowers Trek?

A. The Valley of flowers is opening on 1st June 2022 & will be closed between 31st Oct 2022.

Q. What is the best time to visit Valley of Flowers?

A. Although the valley opens in June every year, the best time to visit is during the rainy season to enjoy the maximum species of flowers. The best time to visit the valley is July-August.

Q. What is the age limit to visit Valley of flowers?

A. There is no specified age limit to enter in the valley of flowers. Since there is a trek so kids below 5 Yrs should be avoided. As far as the maximum age limit, anyone who is capable to do trek & healthy, can visit the valley.

Q. Any govt's permite or medical certificate required for Valley of Flower?

A. No, there is no requirement for any medical certificate for the Valley of flowers till now.

Q. Is there any entry fee for Valley of Flowers?

A. Yes, there is an entry fee to enter the Valley of Flowers. For Indian nationals, it's INR 150/Person for 3 days, in case of additional days INR 50/Person/Day. For foreign nationals, it's INR 650/Person for 3 days, in case of additional days INR 50/Person/Day. We provide complimentary entry pass to our guests.

Q. What kind of hotels available for Valley of Flowers?

A. Ghangharia is a base camp for the Valley of flowers, since there is limited time access allowed for the same & business is seasonal, so there is a scarcity of good hotel chains. One should not expect luxury at the route at all. But yes, decent-sized rooms with attached toilets & hot water facilities are easily available in Ghangharia.

Q. Which mobile services/internet available in Valley of Flowers?

A. Mobile network availability is one of the major issues in the valley. There is the availability of Idea & BSNL networks but signals are quite weak. However, landline STD booths are available with reliable service at Ghangharia at slightly higher prices.

Q. What to carry for Valley of Flowers trek?

  • 01.Down Jacket
  • 02.Warm thick pullover
  • 03. Warm windproof jacket
  • 04.Rain coat with hood/ Poncho (should be roomy)
  • 05. Good quality & comfortable sport shoes
  • 06.Warm woolen socks
  • 07.Warm gloves.
  • 08. Monkey cap and Sun heat cap
  • 09. Camera with extra batteries for electronic camera due to irregular availability of electricity.
  • 10. Binoculars recommended
  • 11. Walking stick- Can be purchased there
  • 12. Toiletries & Sun Protection Cream
  • 13. Dry fruits & cookies etc
  • 14. Medicines like Pain Killers, Anti-biotics (if forget, no worry we keep first ad box ready always)

Q. What to not carry for Valley of Flowers?

A. Use of Polythene Bags, Use of Smoking, Anything against the religious values, etc need to be avoided.

Q. How safe the Valley of Flowers trek?

A. The valley of flowers trek is quite safe. Keeping in mind that its an adventurous trip, one needs to practice daily walking at least a month before the arrival to better cop-up with the trek. The people on the route are not only good hosts but quite supportive & honest as well as.

Q. How many days required for Valley of Flowers trek?

A. People come to Valley of flowers for different-2 purposes, so they spare different-2 time also. Few come for Research purposes, some are nature lovers & some are adventure travelers. Usually, 5-7 Days are sufficient for the valley starting from Haridwar/Dehradun.

Q. Do's & Don't for Valley of Flowers trek?

A. If you are planning to trek to the Valley of Flowers you must exercise every day in order to complete the trekking. Don't carry too much luggage while trekking to the valley of flowers.

Q. Is there any restrictions on the number of persons for the trek?

A. Yes, as per the Govt’s order dated on 16th March 2017, Only 300 visitors at Valley of Flowers are allowed each day. In the year 2021, approx. 18000 tourists visited the valley of flowers during the season. Approx. 1000 foreign tourists also visited the Valley last year.

Q. What kind of food available on the Valley of Flowers trek?

A. Since there is limited access is available for the valley, so there is no food chain or outlet is available there. Some restaurants are available at the trek from Govindghat to Ghangharia & than Ghnagharia, wherein you may get basic north Indian food at slightly higher prices. For the Ghangharia to Valley of flowers trek, there is no eating point is available, so you need to rely on your own arrangements like dry fruits, cookies, etc.

Q. What are attractions nearby to Valley of Flowers?

A. The nearby attractions include Shree Hemkund Sahib, Shree Badrinath Ji, Auli, Tapovan, Mana Village etc

Q. Any identity proof required to visit valley of flowers?

A. Yes, it's required, carry your identification cards such as a driving license or voter ID along with a passport size photograph, a medical certificate ensuring your trekking fitness and a certificate of disclaimer ensuring that your submission to participate in this trek is voluntary. The destination for trekking falls within the Valley of Flowers National Park, and the mandatory entry fee pass must be purchased at the checkpoint of the Forest Service. Please plan your trip as camping inside is not allowed and is only open from 6 AM until 6 PM. 3 PM is the last entrance to the heritage site to preserve its demureness.

Q. What is the timing of Valley of flowers opening and closing?

A. Valley of Flowers opens daily at 7.00 am and last entry is allowed until 2.00 pm. You need to leave the valley by 5 pm. You should be at 6.45 at the entrance gate so you can take your ticket earlier and enter by 7.00 am. You should start at 1.30 PM to get back to 5.00 PM.