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Kagbhusandi Trek

Sited at an elevation of about 4345 m above sea level, Kagbhusandi trek had gained recognition for being one of the most famous trekking sites. Located in the Badrinath region of the Gharwal Himalayas, the Kagbhusandi Lake which is shaped in a triangle format holding emerald green water poses the major highlight of the complete trek. During summer season between the month of July and September, the lake offers the enchanting view with the right profusion of colors when high altitude flowers blooms up all around the lake. The lake departs a stunning look that is highly captivating and you can’t resist watching the view and can even forget the pain undertaken during trekking.

The gateway to this beautiful lake is Karnkul Khal (Pass) that is positioned at an elevation of 4630m above sea level. While trekking towards the Kagbhusandi Lake, one can adore the view of Neelkanth peak along with Hathi peak and Chaukhamba. Also, the Nar and Narayan peaks fall on the way to visit Kagbhusandi Lake.

Sat right in the lap of Hathi Parvat, the Lake is approached via two routes; one from the Bhyundar village near Ghangaria via Valley of Flowers and other one hail from Vishnu Prayag. Most trekkers follow the Bhyundar village trek that passes through thick forests and allows long walking distance over the slippery rocks. Though the trek is little arduous but once you reach the lake, you will forget all the pains and hardships after experiencing the purified beauty offered by the Myriads blossoming on the banks of the lake.

Historical Embodiment of The Kagbhusandi Lake

Legendary history of the lake takes you to the significance of the name of the lake. According to the sources, the lake got this name because a large number of crows choose this site to finish off their lives. ‘Kag’ means ‘crow’ in Sanskrit. Several people who have trekked the lake have claimed that they have seen feathers of crows near the lake but none of them had ever encounter any suicidal case of crow.

On the spur of Hathi Parvat, two rocks are mounted. People of the region believed that as Kag (Crow) and Garur (Eagle). There, the locals believed that crow is having a detailed discussion with eagle on the universal affairs.

Another historical story rumored the aura of the lake. It states the story of an Ayodhya Brahmin who had interrupted the wrath of sage Lomans and sage cursed him and turned him into a crow.

The above and other mystic stories about the Kagbhusandi Lake make it more fascinating and listeners get more excited to undertake the tough trek to go to the lake.

Best Time to Visit Kagbhusandi Trek

The route to the beautiful emerald green water lake i.e. Kagbhusandi Lake is little arduous as it passed through thick and dark forest and creepy rocky route. The best time to undertake Kagbhusandi trek and to visit Kagbhusandi Lake is between May and June and between September and October. Though the trek is quite tough, it’s always suggested to form a group or hire a guide to ensure a successful and memorable trip.

How to Reach Kagbhusandi Lake?

You can take on any of the two routes available for the trek to Kagbhusandi Lake. Either you can begin from Bhyundar village near Ghangaria or you can head from Vishnu Prayag. Most trekkers follow the first option i.e. Bhyundar village near Ghangaria. The trek from this location is little easier but longer. During the trek, you hardly find any stoppage for shelter. To reach Ghangaria, you can choose any of the following:

By Air: Dehradun holds the nearest airport named with Jolly Grant Airport that provides you easy and quick convenience in the form of private taxis to Ghangaria.

By Rail: Rishikesh holds the nearest railway station that allows you to reach Ghangaria via bus or taxi.

By Road: Buses and taxis are easily available for you to reach Ghangaria. Once you reach Ghangaria, you can begin your trek to Kagbhusandi Lake. If needed, you can take the help of local guides.


The trek to Kagbhusandi Lake is a treat to your eyes offering you the enchanting view of the sprawling meadows and alpine forest. The trek takes you to the crazy and creepy rocks and still considered as one of the toughest trek in the Gharwal region in the Himalayas.

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