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Geranium Robertianum, referred to as herb-Robert, red robin, rapid death, storksbill, fox geranium, crow's foot, or (in North America) Roberts geranium, is a common cranesbill species native to Europe and parts of Asia. It grows as a procumbent to erect annual or periodic plant, height of up to 50 cms, producing small, pink, five-petalled flowers from April to the fall. The leaves are dissected deeply, ternate to palmate, and the stems are often reddish, at the end of the season, the leaves also turn red.

Geranium robertianum is a 40–50 cm height annual or biennial herb. Stems at nodes are not rooting. The leaves are glandular in the opposite direction, pentagonally orbicular. Pale purple flowers, solitary flowers or 2 flowers. It's pink filaments.

For treat toothache, dysentery and nose bleeding, the whole plant is used. Burnt leaves are used as repellants of mosquitoes. The plant has anti-diabetic, diuretic, anti-rheumatic properties. This is a rare flower that can be seen from Govindghat to Ghangaria.

Quick info:

Location in the valley of flowers: In June month, they can be found near the streams of the valley of flowers, especially near Pushpawati River bed.
Flowering season: June to July
Geranium Robertianum

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