Pure Joy and Happiness

It’s a very popular trekking destination where you can find Pure Joy and Happiness. However, Uttrakhand is located in Himalayas and divided in two regions. One is Garhwal and other is Kummao. And valley of flowers is located in Garhwal Region. With a high altitude, situated in state Uttrakhand in the district of North Chamoli, valley of flowers has a spectacular view.

Location of Valley of Flowers

Located in the womb of Himalayas, valley of flowers is a miracle to view. With a high altitude, situated in state Uttrakhand in the district of North Chamoli, valley of flowers has a spectacular view. I had been to Uttrakhand many times, but this valley of flowers is an amazing experience. With so many flowers in and around you gives you a feeling of heaven on earth. There are around 300 species of flowers spreading around a blissful smell.

Pure Joy and Happiness | Flora and Fauna

Many animals spotted here like black bears, snow leopards, musk deer, red foxes and many more. The experience will be marvelous. It’s an 87.5 sq.km area spread all over with snow-capped mountains. The most beautiful and ever breathtaking views are available in valley of flowers. This gracious valley of flowers is a National park and a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. The road to this valley is full of waterfalls, and scenic beauty.

Getting a hitch of this place, you should visit in the months from June to October. To capture this amazing experience, carry a good and sound quality camera. The flowers that are spotted here: -Vajardanti, Bitter Wood, Blowball, Dugdhee, Kanphulia, Marsh Marygold, Blue Poppy, Brahma Kamal, Dactylorhiza Hatagirea, Aconitum Balfourii and many more.

Trekking Opportunity in Valley of Flowers

It’s the best trekking package providing you Pure Joy and Happiness when visited. A small valley full of flowers gives you a feeling of paradise on earth. If you are planning to go this place then best way is to reach here is road. The last base station for airline is Delhi, then you can even drive or hire a bus. Many tourists come here and enjoy.

The conservation of valley of flowers is dependent on the maintenance of the high level of anthropological pressure available in the valley. So many government measures are taken time to time. So, before this World heritage site gets lapsed, come and enjoy this experience to its fullest.

Products to be carried are mosquito repellent cream, an umbrella and a tracking stick. Not to forget some items of food and most essential plenty of water. This is a litter free zone, so don’t litter.

So why to wait for more years, just come and explore new horizons with us.

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