how difficult is valley of flowers trek

How Difficult is Valley of Flowers Trek ? It’s a very common question raised by most of the visitors as to how difficult is valley of flowers Trek? Valley of flowers offers the viewers with the largest bundle of flowers covering around 300 species.

Complete trek to valley of flowers undertaken by most visitors is divided into three stages. It’s not that the trek is difficult to undertake. Rather, with proper guidance and safety parameters, one can actually enjoy the trek without even bothering about the difficulty levels.

How Difficult is Valley of Flowers Trek

Trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria

Trek From Govindghat to Ghangaria:

Govindghat is known to be the last motor-able point to the valley of flowers. Ghangaria is located at a distance of 13 km from Govindghat. It is situated at 5500 feet above sea level and from here; Ghangaria is located at 10200 feet. Makes this trek in moderate trek category. It implies that you need to trek a distance of approximate 13 KM to reach Ghangaria. But Now you can reach Phulna village by Local taxi. That is 3 KM from Govindghat. In short, a total of 10 km has to be covered by trek to reach to Ghangaria. The trek can easily be covered with the help of palanquins, ponies or using helicopter.

In case, you don’t want to trek yourself, you can hire ponies or porters to entail you with an enjoyable trekking experience. Helicopter service can also be enlisted but that comes with condition of owing a pleasant and safe weather. During peak times, most of the weather conditions are adverse the expectations, thus, helicopter option can go in vain.

Trek From Ghangaria to Valley of Flowers:

The trek to Valley of Flowers from Ghangaria is not so steep by the time you reach at the entry gate of the valley of flowers. One can easily reach the official starting point of the valley which is around 3.5 km from Ghangaria by carrying out a mix of minor steep and flatter journey. Inside the valley, ponies are not allowed. Only porters and palanquins can be hired for trekking. Else, you can trek yourself by enjoying the natural beauty of the valley, if you can do so. Once you are inside the valley, you will feel overwhelmed by the captivating beauty of the place that you can’t even imagine about any sort of difficulty you are facing.

Trek from Ghangaria to Valley of flowers
Enjoying the blissful beauty of the valley can easily be done by following the guides made available for you by your valley of flowers tour package. You can collect the pictures and pack the bundle of memories without even stretching yourself much.

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Valley Of Flowers Opening Date

Complete information of Valley Of Flowers Opening Date and Time. Valley of Flowers is the picturesque view of the innovative creation created by nature that is landed in Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. Also, It receives a great footfall of the visitors every year and waiting to Valley Of Flowers Opening Date, who reached the place to explore the aesthetic beauty of the nature at the fullest.

What Are The Opening And Closing Dates Of The Valley of Flowers?

Countering such a great footfall of the tourist, the Valley of Flowers opens up the gate for general public on June 1 every year. So, People can easily visit the valley and enjoy the marvelous and untouched natural beauty in the form of waterfalls, landscapes and rare species of flowers. After greeting the visitors for those four months (June, July, August and September), Valley shuts down its gates for general public on October 4 to 10 every year.

Valley Opening Timings

On the timings front, Valley of Flowers opens up at 7 am every day. And visitors are allow to make last entry by 2 pm in the afternoon. The exit timing of the valley is 5.00 pm in the evening.

To make a quick entry into the valley, visitors have to be at 6.45 am in the morning at the valley entry gate. The earlier you reach, the sooner you can buy the entry ticket and begin your expedition. In addition, tourists are advise to start heading back to the entry fate by 1.30 pm, so as to reach at last by 5.00 pm.

It is observed that visitors visiting the captivating valley of flowers find the duration to visit the valley short. Due to the immense beauty and picturesque location offered. To enjoy your visit at the fullest and to capture every possible view. We advised you to raise your visiting duration (Number of days to visit the valley of flowers) to a little extent.

Visit the valley and fill your senses with the intact experience of the aura created by the flowering beauty of the place.

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best time to visit the valley of flowers

Best Time to Visit the Valley of Flowers is July to September. You can capture the beauty of the Valley of Flowers is between July, August and September. However, the best time to view the captivating beauty of the Valley of Flowers and it’s amazing Flora and Fauna depends upon how tough you are and how confidently you can carry on the trek. Also, the best time to visit the Valley depends upon the variety of flowers you want to see and explore in different seasons.

Best Time to Visit the Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flower in June

Valley of Flowers in June

During this month, you can enjoy only a few species of flowers but a large amount of glaciers and waterfalls. That enthralls your soul with their enjoyable rhythm. During this month, most pilgrims hail towards Hemkund Sahib. Also, you may experience the rainy season at the end of this month. Among the specific species of flowers, you can enjoy viewing Oxalis Corniculata, Reinwardtia Indica, Thymus Linearis, Viola Pilosa and many other rare species.

Valley of Flowers in July and August

This season is perfect to watch almost 650 varieties of blooming flowers that will captivate your mind with their blow-away beauty and purity. During this period, you can view the lush green texture offered by the Valley seeking a wide assortment of blooming flowers leaving a yellowish backpack around. From Mid July to Mid August, you can enjoy the maximum number of flowers in their swing mode.

Valley of Flower in August

Valley of Flowers in September

Being the autumn season in the Valley of Flowers, this month offers the last view of the flowering season. The plants start drying and set back their seeds in the earth for the next season. Also, by the end of the month, the Valley starts experiencing little snow that makes visibility inaccessible. Tourist often takes the last trip to the Valley in September.

Flower in September

Valley of Flowers in October

During this month, the snow covered every part of the Valley making it fully inaccessible for the outsiders. It remains closed for next season for general public.

Valley of Flower in October

Valley of Flowers is the pristine location that allows the visitors to attend a live venture to the authentic aura of the Mother Nature. Visitors can enjoy the adornment of dew drops on the flowers petals, enjoy the chirping of the birds and feel the pious air of the Himalayas.

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