Days Required to Trek to Valley of Flowers

How Many Days Required to Trek to Valley of Flowers? As the Valley of Flowers is a famous destination of trekking and camping for the adventurous people. Morover, its required only a minimum of 5 days followed from Haridwar. Also, 3 Days to cover all the happening destinations which start from Govindghat followed by Ghangaria and cover the area of almost 16Km. Those, who comes from a far area than Haridwar will require around 1-2 days extra carrying on the complete trekking. However, the trekkers can increase the duration as per their convenience.

Days Required to Trek to Valley of Flowers

Valley of flowers is a high mountainous destination which offers its emerald beauty to its lovers only for 4 months during the whole year. I.e. from June to September. Its required only 3 to 4 days from Govindghat. Also 5 to 6 days from Haridwar and Dehradun. This is considered to be the best time to enjoy this fairy land in the Himalayas. And people came from far off places in order to relax and enjoy this enchanting valley. At this place, they can find numerous kinds of flowers as well as rare species of animals too.

The dense forest and colonies of flowers welcomes the tourists with a heartiest welcome. And adored them with a mesmerizing beauty of the nature. During the peak season, the Valley promises to please your eyes with the amazing and maximum variety of rare species of flowers.

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camping in valley of flowers

Camping in Valley Of Flowers is always a mind-blowing idea in order to spend your best time as this place is a small heaven on earth which consists of charming grazing land of mountainous flowers as well as a dissimilar range of opulent flora and fauna.

As you have to surpass so many ways in order to reach out this superlative place, Ghangharia is a base camp from where you can start your memorable camping to valley of flowers which is managed by Uttarakhand State Forest ministry and Department where everybody can find private hotels and lodges for their healthy stay as it is an ideal place for relax and chill.

Camping in Valley of Flowers

Here you can find so many best camping packages and arrangements according to your budgets which never let you missed this fairyland of natural beauty.

Valley of Flowers is roofed with thick blanket of snow in the winter seasons so in case you’re planning to explore this pristine beauty then just camp it down during the time from July to September where you can feel the adventure of visiting highly lofty mountains as well as the rare species of some animals too in which you experienced snow leopard, red fox and blue sheep even. In addition, you can check the best time to visit Valley of Flowers.

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Road Conditions To Valley of Flowers

Road Condition To Valley of Flowers Latest News Haridwar, Govindghat, Ghangaria & Valley Of Flowers

Most visitors planning to visit the captivating locale of Valley of Flowers are fond of asking this question. Despite of all challenges, the road conditions till Govindghat (the last stop to begin for Valley of Flowers trek) are good and offer a smooth road trip to the tourists. Generally, Tourist can find the road till Govindghat in a well-maintained condition since it is a part of NH-58.

Road Conditions To Valley of Flowers

From Govindghat, trek to Valley of Flowers begin that too grants the benefit of good road condition to the trekker. In case, you want to skip trekking on foot, you can hire a pony for the trek. Also, before planning your visit to the captivating Valley of flowers. Don’t forget to take into consideration the Best Time to Visit Valley of Flowers to avoid any bitter experience of the trip.

Valley of Flowers is a paradise for nature lovers. Also, That offer breathtaking views of the captivating landscapes and charming natural beauty of the lush green meadows.

For adventure freaks, this place is a heaven that welcomes the trekkers with its ornamental carpet of amazing flowers. If you are looking for a heavenly abode wherein nature resides at its best and that too away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you must plan a visit to this magnificent valley.

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Things To Carry For The Valley of Flowers Trek

Things to Carry for Valley of Flower Trek is most important information required. If you ready to explore the heavenly beauty of the paradise on earth in the form of Valley of flowers.

Valley of flowers is the most beautiful and lovable creation created by the almighty to depart impeccable memories in one’s life. Visitors visiting the location love to explore the vibrant collection of rare flowers that are lying on the slopes of the hills and the mountains. To adore such an amazing experience of the varied species of the flowers and to soothe your eyes with the lovely sightseeing, you must carry out a trek to Valley of Flowers.

Just assume that you are all set to feel the beauty of the heaven lying on the earth in the form of this picturesque location, you must keep a check on some important things that are must to carry or follow while undertaking the trek to Valley of Flowers.

Things To Carry For The Valley of Flowers Trek, Here Are The Things:

  1. One good quality lightweight windcheater or Jacket is a must. This is done to provide relief from the low temperature that occurs generally during night or early morning, even in the month of June.
  2. Lightweight trousers or pants for the trip. Try to have two pairs at least. Keep one for trekking and one to wear in the night.
  3. Carry one pair of shorts and two lightweight wool jumpers.
  4. Carry a handy umbrella.
  5. A woolen hat.
  6. Sunglasses and Camera.
  7. Writing accessories such as paper and pen.
  8. Carry a strong and sturdy duffle bag to carry the load while trekking.
  9. Carry a daypack that allows you to carry daily stuff while trekking such as water bottle, pack lunch, jacket and other necessary items.
  10. A water bottle and small towel.
  11. Try to carry toiletries as little as possible. Be free to share it with your friends.
  12. Small torch with extra batteries. After 9pm, the area falls short of electricity. You will be in need of a torch after that.
  13. Carry high quality trekking boots with good quality floaters for the trek. Try to buy the shoes that don’t get wet easily.
  14. Necessary medicines such as bandage, antibiotics, vomiting medicine, etc must be there with you on the trip.
  15. Try to carry some dry fruits with you. Cashew, nuts and almonds will be proven good for the trek. Also, high energy foods such as chocolates will be enough for the trek. Don’t depend on the food available at Ghangaria. The quality is not so good. Thus, don’t forget to carry biscuits with you.

While trekking to Valley of Flowers, you will be solely responsible for all the necessary items and personal equipments to carry . Thus, prepare yourself with the guide available above on the things to carry for trek to Valley of flowers and enjoy the excursion at its best.

Apart from the above, before beginning with trek, you must keep an eye on the preparation tips required to trek on high altitude treks just like Valley of flowers so rememeber Things To Carry For The Valley of Flowers Trek. Thus, prepare the necessities in advance and cherish the fantabulous beauty of the locale.

Have fun!

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