Valley of flowers

Hemkund Sahib and Valley of Flowers are a nature lover’s paradise. Its perfect place to visit for trekkers and Nature Lovers.  It’s in the Chamoli district of the heavenly Uttarakhand. Hemkund Sahib is a sacred Sikh pilgrimage Place. Hemkund Sahib is a Sikh shrine situated at an elevation of over 15,000 feet. And the Valley of Flowers is a UNESCO World Heritage. Also, it is famous for its vibrant Natural Flowers blooms. The places mesmerize visitors with its colourful Flowers and diverse plants.


Hemkund Sahib and the Valley of Flowers are famous for their natural beauty, spiritual significance, and biodiversity. Its holds historical importance and attracts pilgrims from around the world. In other hand, the Valley of Flowers, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The visit of these two gems, offers history, ecology, trekking, cultural experiences.

Important Details of Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib

Location: – Chamoli District of Uttarakhand (Garhwal Region)

Best time to visit: – July & August

Minimum Tour Duration: 3 to 4 Days- Govindghat to Govindghat

5 to 6 Days – Haridwar/Dehradun to Haridwar/Dehradun

7 to 8 Days- Delhi to Delhi

Accommodation Options: – Basic Hotels/Guesthouses & Camps on the trek

Food Type: – Veg & Non-Veg Indian Food

Max Altitude: – 4500 MT/14763 FT above the sea level

Maximum Trekking: – 40 Kms

Category of Trek: – Moderate to Stiff

Temperature Range: – 4 °C to 20 °C

Nearest Major Railway Station: – Rishikesh (211 Kms/08-10 Hrs drive by road + 14 Kms trek to reach Valley of Flowers and  16 Kms to reach Hemkund sahib)

Nearest Airport: – Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (284 Kms/09-11 Hrs drive + 14 Kms trek to reach Valley of Flowers and  16 Kms to reach Hemkund sahib)

Closest Major Bus Stand: – Joshimath (22 Kms/1 Hr drive by road + 14 Kms trek to reach Valley of Flowers and  16 Kms to reach Hemkund sahib)

Mobile Network/Internet: Only BSNL and Joi Network available during the trek

Last ATM: – Joshimath

Postal Code: – 246443

Accessibility: – Not accessible through-out the year (Opens for only 5 months- June to September)

Hemkund Sahib


Hemkund Sahib holds historical significance as a place where Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maditated. He was the tenth Sikh Guru. Also, this place is symbol of Devotion and purity. The gurudwara at Hemkund Sahib commemorates his presence and attracts devotees from all over world. Hemkund Lake and beautiful view add to the spiritual aura of this sacred place. Apart from that you visit rare Laxman Temple at Hemkund Sahib

Valley of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers Banner

The Valley of Flowers is a stunning place of more than 400 type of Himalayan flowers like the Brahma Kamal, blue poppy, and cobra lily. The valley blooms at its best during the monsoon season. So that creates a mesmerizing view of colourful valley. Apart from its floral beauty, the Valley of Flowers is also home to diverse wildlife such as the snow leopard, musk deer, and Himalayan black bear. Birdwatchers can spot various birds flying in the blossoms

Trekking Routes to Hemkund Sahib and Valley of Flowers

Trekking to Hemkund Sahib and the Valley of Flowers is a thrilling adventure for trekkers. The trekking route typically starts from Fulna Village of Govindghat.  From Fulna village you trek for 10 Km to reach Ghangaria. This is a very scenic and beautiful trek. You trek along laxman ganga river. The Valley of Flowers trek of 4 Km. It is relatively moderate compared to the steep trek to Hemkund Sahib of 6 KM.

Tips for Trekking to Hemkund Sahib and Valley of Flowers

When setting out on these treks, it’s essential to acclimatize to the high altitude, stay hydrated, and pack light but essential items. Also it is advisable to trek in the group of experienced guides who can navigate the terrain and ensure a safe journey amidst the breathtaking landscapes.

Best Time to Visit for Hemkund sahib and valley of flowers.

If you want to witness the breathtaking beauty of Hemkund Sahib and the Valley of Flowers in full bloom, the best time to visit is during June to September. The weather is pleasant, and the flowers are at their vibrant best.

Accommodation for Hemkund sahib and valley of flowers.

Ghangaria is the places where tourists stay for Hemkund sahib and valley of flowers.  Ghangaria have various options for accommodation. Accommodation available are guesthouses and camps. All Accomodation are surrounded by nature’s Beauty. Make sure to book in advance during the peak season to secure your spot in paradise.

in conclusion Visiting Hemkund Sahib and the Valley of Flowers is blend of spirituality, nature, and culture. By visitin these places create unforgettable memories. Whether seeking a spiritual pilgrimage, a trekking adventure, or nature lover, these destinations offer a unique and enriching experience for all visitors.

Enjoy a Blissful Stay in Valley of flower

Valley of flowers – World Heritage Site – Uttarakhand is a beautiful hill state of India. Here you’ll find many lovely places to ascertain. One among them is the Valley of flowers. Also, The Valley of flowers is a beautiful national park (world heritage place) of India, which is within the Garhwal Himalayan region of Uttarakhand state. This park covers an area of about 87.50 km here overall 500 species of flowers.

Enjoy a Blissful Stay in Valley of flowers

The Valley of flower became a famous place for flower lovers. The months of July, August, and September are considered best to visit the Valley of flowers. In these months, travel is here. It’s believed that there are lovely medicinal properties within the flowers, and every one of the flowers found here is utilized in medicines. Apart from this, valuable herbs are found here, which are extremely rare. Here the colorful blooming flowers attract all the tourists coming as the best tour operator for valley of flowers. Here are many various unique sorts of flowers whose scent fascinates the mind.


The Valley of flowers sleeps in the lap of the Chamoli district of the state of Uttarakhand in the western Himalaya of India.

Time for Trekking

The best time to visit valley of flowers is July and August. It gets snow round the year, and the trek route is nearly capped with snow, after, and before these two months, it’s too challenging to enjoy trekking on snow carpet. Carrying essential gears for trekking would be a great help for you trekking guys.

Tourist Attractions

The Valley of flowers beholds a vast scenic beauty. The whole path and route to the Valley of flowers are covered with the vision of more than 500 rare species of flowers like Bramhakamal, Calendulas, Daisies, Anemones, Rhododendron, Orchids, Poppies, and Primulas, etc., and extended enter the Valley offers more diverse Alpine flowers.

Hemkund Sahib-Pilgrim Centre

Hemkund Sahib-Pilgrim center is another center of attraction for valley of flowers Packages, basically a Gurudwara – a pilgrim center for the Sikh community. It’s one of the most important pilgrimage sites for the Sikh community. It’s located at an altitude of 15,200 ft, very nearer to the Valley of flowers, setting of a glacial lake surrounded by seven peaks.


Joshimath is the nearest town, and it’s accessible by road only. There are many options available; you can fly, enjoy the bus ride or Indian railway service from new to reach valley of flowers,

By Air

Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport situated in Dehradun, which is 315 km away.

By rail

Haridwar railway station is the nearest one.

By road

Nearest stop for Valley of flowers from New Delhi by bus is Govindghat, which is on the Rishikesh- Badrinath Highway.

The starting point of your trek

Govindhghat is the starting place for the valley of flowers trekking tours, and it’s 16 km away from Joshimath. The road is straightforward to ride a motor up to Govindghat only. There’s a trek about 14 km to the bottom campsite called Ghangharia. From Ghangaria, one has to trek for 4-5 km to the Valley of flowers and 6 km for Hemkund Sahib in different directions. Camping and lodging are not allowed up there in the Valley.

Lodging and Boarding

It is a ten days trip from New Delhi, and accommodation & other facilities up there in the Valley of flowers are essential. The Valley offers only two months for trekking, and the resources are minimal. Lodging facilities available up there in Gangharia, but don’t expect any luxury accommodation there. Small hotels and camps are open to staying.

Belongings to carry

  • Pack your backpack with T-shirts, light long trousers, Warm long-sleeve shirts, woolen cap, gloves, wind, and rainproof jacket. Do not forget to hold your bottle, camera and two pairs of sports shoes.

  • Sunglasses, cap, sunblock, extra battery, flashlight, care box with daily and emergency medicines are essential to pack.

  • Keep a diary and a pen to write your memorable experience at night. A novel is instrumental during your travel.

Facts about Valley of Flowers trek that you probably didn’t know:

  1. The Valley of Flowers was declared a UNESCO World Heritage place- a status given to those places or monuments in the world that are simply irreplaceable and have no parallels anywhere else.

  2. The Valley of Flowers is a hospitable valley of flowers Tour Packages starting from June to the end of October. But July, August, and September are the months in which flowers are fully blooming and cover the entire stretch of the Valley.

  3. Local villagers have, for years, believed that angels and fairies live in the Valley of Flowers. And so they had the great sense of preserving its beauty before it became a park.

  4. Travelers aren’t allowed to stay within the Valley of Flowers overnight. And for a good reason too, as acknowledging that might only mean less space for flowers to occupy.

  5. The nearest place to look for accommodation is the base camp at Ghangaria, where private lodges and hotels are abundant. This is also the base camp for Sikh pilgrims going to Hemkund Sahib.

  6. If your luggage is slowing you down, or if it’s becoming difficult for you to carry it with you, then you can hire porters at Govindghat.


The best time for trekking is July and August. The locals go with a myth that fairies have inhabited the Valley. In 1982 the Indian government declare the Valley a park, and presently it’s turn into a world heritage site. Also, It’s a paradise for trekkers, nature lovers and botanists. The Brahmakamal, the blue poppy, and the Cobra Lily, like rare flowers, attract them more.

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How To Reach Valley of Flowers

There are more people who ask a general question that How To Reach Valley of Flowers. Especially From Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Lucknow, etc. To reach the Valley of flowers, Govindghat is the nearest stop. Valley of flowers is 17 KM from Govindghat.

How to Reach Valley of Flowers

For the query about How to reach Valley of Flower from Govindghat. You start your trek from Govindghat, you need to reach Ghangaria (13Kms away). That you can do through any of the means like trekking, hiring porter or pony, through helicopter. Trekking or hiring a porter/pony is an easy choice as compared to hiring a helicopter as helicopter hiring idea might fail due to bad weather, whereas trekking or hiring a porter can easily be available despite the bad weather conditions. Once you are at Ghangaria, you need to cover a trek of 3 km more to reach the valley of flowers.

Valley of Flower By Road

Valley of flowers is connected through roads till Govindghat. that is smoothly connected with motor-able roads with the major destinations of the Uttarakhand State. You can reach famous destinations of Uttarakhand State such as Srinagar, Rishikesh, Haridwar with the help of buses or private vehicles. Even the destinations of the State such as Rishikesh, Rudraprayag, Srinagar, and Chamoli offer easy transport facilities through buses and privately owned vehicles to reach Govindghat, which is located on NH-58.

  • Route to valley of flowers from Delhi goes like: Delhi-Haridwar- Rishikesh- Rudraprayag- Joshimath-Govindghat- Ghangaria (Trekking)-Valley of flowers (Trekking).
  • Route to Valley of flowers from Haldwani Ranikhet goes like: Haldwani- Ranikhet- Karnaprayag-Joshimath- Govindghat- Ghangaria (trekking) – Valley of flowers (trekking).

Valley of Flowers By Train

To reach the Valley of flowers, you can also encompass the rail route. Rishikesh is the closet railway station to Valley of Flowers. From here, you can take the road route to reach Govindghat. And then follow up with the trekking of around 16 km (13 km for Govindghat + 3kms) to reach Valley of flowers via Ghangaria. Rishikesh railway line is located at a distance of 273 km from Govindghat and easily connected with the other major railway networks spread in India.

Valley of Flowers By Helicopter

The nearest airport connecting the visitors to Valley of Flowers is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. Also, you need to cover the 292 km distance from the Jolly Grant Airport to Govindghat. From Govindghat the trek to Valley of Flowers begins via Ghangaria. However, the air connection in the city is easily connected with Delhi via regular flights.

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Pure Joy and Happiness

It’s a very popular trekking destination where you can find Pure Joy and Happiness. However, Uttrakhand is located in Himalayas and divided in two regions. One is Garhwal and other is Kummao. And valley of flowers is located in Garhwal Region. With a high altitude, situated in state Uttrakhand in the district of North Chamoli, valley of flowers has a spectacular view.

Location of Valley of Flowers

Located in the womb of Himalayas, valley of flowers is a miracle to view. With a high altitude, situated in state Uttrakhand in the district of North Chamoli, valley of flowers has a spectacular view. I had been to Uttrakhand many times, but this valley of flowers is an amazing experience. With so many flowers in and around you gives you a feeling of heaven on earth. There are around 300 species of flowers spreading around a blissful smell.

Pure Joy and Happiness | Flora and Fauna

Many animals spotted here like black bears, snow leopards, musk deer, red foxes and many more. The experience will be marvelous. It’s an 87.5 area spread all over with snow-capped mountains. The most beautiful and ever breathtaking views are available in valley of flowers. This gracious valley of flowers is a National park and a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. The road to this valley is full of waterfalls, and scenic beauty.

Getting a hitch of this place, you should visit in the months from June to October. To capture this amazing experience, carry a good and sound quality camera. The flowers that are spotted here: -Vajardanti, Bitter Wood, Blowball, Dugdhee, Kanphulia, Marsh Marygold, Blue Poppy, Brahma Kamal, Dactylorhiza Hatagirea, Aconitum Balfourii and many more.

Trekking Opportunity in Valley of Flowers

It’s the best trekking package providing you Pure Joy and Happiness when visited. A small valley full of flowers gives you a feeling of paradise on earth. If you are planning to go this place then best way is to reach here is road. The last base station for airline is Delhi, then you can even drive or hire a bus. Many tourists come here and enjoy.

The conservation of valley of flowers is dependent on the maintenance of the high level of anthropological pressure available in the valley. So many government measures are taken time to time. So, before this World heritage site gets lapsed, come and enjoy this experience to its fullest.

Products to be carried are mosquito repellent cream, an umbrella and a tracking stick. Not to forget some items of food and most essential plenty of water. This is a litter free zone, so don’t litter.

So why to wait for more years, just come and explore new horizons with us.

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Trekking To Valley Of Flowers

Trek to Valley of Flowers is one of the best trek to do in Uttrakhand. After a scenic 8-10 hour drive from Haridwar, we are welcome by a persistent loud sound as we stumble into our hotel in Govindghat at dusk. So, Dawn reveals the furious tumbling down of the beautiful Alakananda River merge with smaller Lakshman Ganga.

Steep, conical black mountains are sentinel standing. Generally, Govindghat is the starting point for the popular trek to Valley Of Flowers in Uttarakhand. The first leg is 14 kilometers from Govindghat to Ghangaria.

The first four of this, up to Pulna, is motorable. Jeeps are available near the suspension bridge, but the excitement of real-blue trekking is always there, which is what we’ve done. You can also ride a mule. Or use the newly open helicopter service that takes 10 minutes to cover the distance.

A walking stick is a main accessory for trekkers and can be found at all Govindghat shops. Also, Upon passing Bhyundar with its few eateries, we are fortunate enough to have the beautiful sight of a glacier coming down a distant mountain. Ghangaria (also known as Govind Dham) is a single-alley town at a height of 10,000 feet. Also, The site is full of Sikh administration that meets the needs of pilgrims traveling to Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara.
In 1931, mountaineers Frank S Smythe, Eric Shipton and RL Holdsworth accidentally discovered Valley of Flowers at 12,000 feet, returning after an expedition to Mount Kamet.


Smythe came back later and in 1938 he published The Valley of Flowers. In 1939, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, commissioned Joan Margaret Legge to scientifically catalog the flowers here.

Sadly, she died while picking roses, slipping down a cliff. Her older sister came later to finish her job. It is thought that the valley has about 520 plant species, of which 498 are flowering plants. In 2005, the Flowers Valley was designated a World Heritage Site Trekking to Valley of Flowers is one of the toughest trek.

Four kilometres away from Ghangaria to the Trekking to Valley of Flowers. The first is a pleasant walk, crossing a gurgling stream under the pine trees. Here there is a Forest Office where one has to pay entrance fees (INR 150 for Indians / INR 600 for foreigners).

Beyond the river Pushpavati crashing down the rocky side of the mountain and the bridge spanning the stream, the track becomes narrower and rougher.

In their’ basket-chairs,’ eager porters are waiting, ready to haul anyone who cannot make the climb on their own. For the most part, this section of the trail is wooded and panoramic. The final kilometre slopes gently into the broad valley flanked by the Pushpavati river on one side. Here flowers are blooming in a rush by mid-August. The tomb of Legge stands deeper in the valley, in a serene and imposing atmosphere.

Trekking to Valley of Flowers

The Eco Development Committee (EDC) Bhyundar, an NGO, works from Govindghat to Flowers Valley and Hemkund Sahib on solid waste management. They collect tons of plastic waste from the trek path every season (June-October). EDC is screening a 20-minute documentary on Flowers Valley at the Ghangaria Nature Care Centre. Through buying books, caps and souvenirs from them, one can help EDC. While the trek to Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara, dedicated to Guru Gobind Singh, is a spiritual journey for most people, trekking enthusiasts are faced with a serious physical challenge.

The gurudwara’s distinctive star-shaped architecture blends with the glacial lake, surrounded by mountains that are now painted. Inside the gurudwara, melodious kirtans are continually rendered, and it is easy to spend an hour in the cosy sanctum, where blankets are carefully provided for visitor comfort.

  • Govindghat’s closest airport is 300 km from Dehradun. Haridwar (290 km) is the closest railhead. Busses from Govindghat to Haridwar / Rishikesh. It is also possible to hire cabs.
  • Some medium-budget hotels in Govindghat are open.
  • The temple of Badrinath is 25 km from Govindghat.
  • For this walk, physical fitness is important. Before Hemkund Sahib, it’s easier to do Valley of Flowers, as the former lies at a lower altitude. Carry prescription medicines to help with nausea.
  • It is a must for raincoats. Carry a small amount of baggage.
  • The Flowers Valley National Park generally closes on October 10 for visitors.

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Tourist Places Near Valley of Flowerse

There are various Places Near the Valley of Flowers. Valley of flowers is a World Heritage site popular for its wild blooms nestled in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. However, This is the magnificent fairyland that upholds the charismatic and charming nature at its best via displaying the lovely waterfalls, small streams and meadows of flowers.

The valley remains covered by the snowy mountains. And display its flowery face from June to October when it gets turn into a colorful carpet full of blooming flora.

Trek to Valley of Flowers is already famous among the adventure freaks. Apart from that, the place offers wonderful sightseeing of some nearby places that are hard to miss on the trip to valley of flowers.
If you want to enhance the excitement of the journey. Also want to make the trip more memorable, you must include the below-mentioned areas in your Valley of Flowers Itinerary.

Places Near Valley of Flowers:

Badrinath: It is the most sacred Dham of India. Located at an elevation of 3133mts above sea level, the Badrinath Temple belongs to Lord Vishnu and is located on the right bank of the holy river Alaknanda. Located at a distance of 21 km ahead of Govindghat, the Badrinath Dham receives a footfall of lakhs of pilgrims every year.

Joshimath: It is one of the four math’s establish by revered Guru Shri Adi Shankaracharya. Joshimath is the home of Shri Badrinath when winters approach in the area. It is also connect to Auli via Asia’s highest cable car. Located at a distance of 26kms from Govindghat, Joshimath also offers amazing sightseeing to Kalpavriksha and Narsingh Temple.

Auli: Auli is famous skiing destination of India and it is also popular for world’s finest skiing slopes. It offers the astonishing view of the snow-clad mountains. Located at a distance of just 36 Kms from Govind Ghat, it beholds the 2nd highest cable car junction in Asia and is well connected with Joshimath.

Mana Village: It is one of the last villages of India that is close to Tibet border. Tourists love to visit this place just to glance at the end of the road. It is located at a distance of 3kms from Badrinath. Also, from Govindghat, it is 24kms far away. While your visit to Mana Village, you can enjoy excursions at Bheem Pul, Ganesh Gufa and Vyas Gufa.

Hemkund Sahib: At Hemkund Sahib, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Govind Singhji meditates for years. Hemkund means lake of snow and the water of the lake is as cold as snow. Every year, thousands of pilgrims take the trek to Hemkund Sahib to seek the blessings of the almighty. So, landed at the star-shaped Gurudwara nestled near the lake. A trek of around 6km is required to get completed from Ghagaria.

Famous for its medicinal and rare species of flora, the Valley of Flowers offers the visitors an epitome of nature at its best. Simply visit the valley and adore your senses with the purest form of natural beauty. As there are many tourist places near Valley of Flowers.

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safe to travel to valley of flowers

Is It safe to travel to valley of flowers? Of course, it’s completely safe to travel to Uttarakhand, especially to Valley of Flowers as the locals of the nearby areas are humble and polite. Although the trek to Valley of Flowers is demanding in terms of great physical and mental health, thus, you need to make good preparation for the trek.

Safe to Travel To Valley of Flowers

Before commencing the trek, don’t forget to check out the road conditions to valley of flowers. Even, cross check the weather conditions along with preparing all the necessary trekking essentials for a trouble free trip.

Valley of Flowers offers a treat to the eyes of the adventure freaks and nature lovers in the form of a complete package that takes them to lay their stress away and feel the beautiful nature. It offers an awesome collection of more than 300 endangered species of flowers. During monsoons, the valley blooms at its full offering the picturesque meadows of flowers. Not only this, the place is the perfect combination of astounding collection of Flora and Fauna.

Valley of Flowers is a breathtaking place that had become the most spotted tourist’s destination since last many years. Every year, several tourists especially adventure freaks head towards this place to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the nature.

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Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of Flowers Trek at high altitude, you should make your body to breathe deeper and on a frequent note to allow the body to retain oxygen needed for continuous working. You can’t try fast walk while trekking with Valley of Flowers Trek as it will make your body feel tiredness. Also, you need to give your body enough time to get adapt to the changed altitude to avoid any serious issue such as altitude sickness problem.

Check for the required fitness regime: For a stress free or tiring free trekking experience, you must keep an eye on the fitness regime that is required for the trek to valley of flowers. It’s always better to go for detailed information about your travel destination, its related ups and downs and the process to approach to your visit. This will keep your alarmed about the challenges you are going to face in your journey.

Valley of Flowers Trek

Follow the exercises: On the Valley of Flowers Trek, you got to experience excessive walking that can put bar on your shoulders, back and arm. Also with continuous walk, you may find pressure on your legs too. Thus, to enjoy the trek at its best, you must start following a great workout plan before your trip to maintain your stamina and to gain strength for your legs.

Cross check your physician: Those travelers who are traveling with any sort of ailment are advised to cross check their physician for necessary medical advice on grounds of completing the trek without any serious health issue.

For preparation for high altitude treks like Valley of Flowers, be sure to practice some exercises required to build up your stamina. You may also try swimming and Yoga. Yoga is said to be perfect therapy to build up your physical, mental and emotional stamina.

Valley of Flowers is a wonderful trek that lands on an attitude of 3600mtrs above sea level. Trekking on such a high altitude do carry some adversities related to low oxygen issues, but with few precautionary steps, you can enjoy the trip with full contention.

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Accommodation Facility in Valley of Flowers

Food & Hotel Accommodation in Valley of Flowers

Hotel Accommodation in Valley of Flowers is not available. As Valley of Flowers is situated in the hilly area so it’s difficult to find such amenities. But, Accommodations for Valley of Flowers is at Ghagharia which is 3.2 km behind the Valley of flowers. Also this is a place (Ghangaria) from where people starts trekking and camping too. In Ghangaria, you get numerous kind of private lodges and hotels. These hotels provide you better food with a variety of meals at a reasonable prices. As you can relax and sleep well. Camps and Camping facility is also available at Ghangaria. GNVN Guest house provide good accommodation. We have various types of accommodation in Ghangaria and Govindghat. These hotels are with all basic facilities like hot wter, attachted western toilet.

Valley of flowers is an outstanding natural beauty which offers you a magical world of enchanting flowers as well as milky White Mountains. It is one stop destination as to spend your favorable time with your loved ones and doesn’t offer any option to eat anything, so it is advisable to every tourist to carry enough food material during their way to this heaven and enjoy their trip.

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Days Required to Trek to Valley of Flowers

How Many Days Required to Trek to Valley of Flowers? As the Valley of Flowers is a famous destination of trekking and camping for the adventurous people. Morover, its required only a minimum of 5 days followed from Haridwar. Also, 3 Days to cover all the happening destinations which start from Govindghat followed by Ghangaria and cover the area of almost 16Km. Those, who comes from a far area than Haridwar will require around 1-2 days extra carrying on the complete trekking. However, the trekkers can increase the duration as per their convenience.

Days Required to Trek to Valley of Flowers

Valley of flowers is a high mountainous destination which offers its emerald beauty to its lovers only for 4 months during the whole year. I.e. from June to September. Its required only 3 to 4 days from Govindghat. Also 5 to 6 days from Haridwar and Dehradun. This is considered to be the best time to enjoy this fairy land in the Himalayas. And people came from far off places in order to relax and enjoy this enchanting valley. At this place, they can find numerous kinds of flowers as well as rare species of animals too.

The dense forest and colonies of flowers welcomes the tourists with a heartiest welcome. And adored them with a mesmerizing beauty of the nature. During the peak season, the Valley promises to please your eyes with the amazing and maximum variety of rare species of flowers.

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